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ABOUT ME  ...and then the cat barfed.

       Man plans and God laughs.  Sometimes I think I amuse Him a lot.  I've been late to work twice this year because the cat barfed just as I was trying to leave the house.  Every time I think I have my ducks in a row, they simply fly off.  All I can do is watch them as their v-shaped formations change now and then to put another duck in the lead to take the brunt of the winds.  And I am grateful that God is at the head of my V to take the brunt of the winds.  I am an extremely fortunate person.  I have a wonderful husband (to whom this website will remain unseen lest he become complacent or conceited), four wonderful children and twelve grandchildren...even more wonderful creatures.  

     I live on the plains of Kansas.  Most of the time, I am good with that.  Sometimes it seems the towns are just pinned here and there like dead insects on a display board waiting to be blown away entirely.

     I lived and worked in the Black Hills one summer and visit every chance I get. I love waking up to the scent of pine trees, the sounds of birds and the breeze soughing through the needles.  

     I have been writing since I was ten.  I won a short story contest with "Chimes For Nikki" in college, and had a few articles/photos published in the "KANSAS!" magazine.


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